Team Karst


The August 2002 expedition continued much of the work started in 2001.  A recent brush fire makes the trails to the lens caves somewhat easier to follow.  The use of the A-frame at the mouth of Sweeting's Creek makes day to day living significantly easier than previous expeditions.  Many thanks to Clarence and Cathy Bellot for making "Twin Gables" available. 



2002 Highlights:

  An additional 1000' of surveyed passage was gained in Lucy's Cave.  Survey work done by Dave Winfree and Gary Stamm.  

A fourth lens cave was located and first dove by Chuck Actor.  The survey team later further penetrated and surveyed this new cave with no further leads noted.  This new cave is called Laura's.   

A  second virgin cave was dove by a first entry team of John Capp and Chuck Actor.   Later surveyed, this cave entrance was located from the surface by the local land owner, Doral.  This cave is called Janet's, after Doral's daughter.

An October trip continued exploration of many of the Icheban Lake dives.  Surveys were completed for Gabby, Grace and Sandy (Thrift Harbour).  With extra time, the team was able to do an initial penetration into Great North Road to a depth reaching 300 feet.  


The Team's home away from home, the Twin Gables.



Gary keeping the air flowing at the remote fill station.


Chuck at the 2nd portable fill station, at Haulover.