Team Karst


Once again, the "Twin Gables", the A-frame at the mouth of the inlet at Sweetings Cay, was used by the Team for the June 2003 expedition.



2003 Highlights:

  A new passage, dubbed the "Bonanza Passage" was found in Lucy's cave.  This is the most prominent westward lead yet found in Lucy's Cave.  About 700' of line was placed in this tunnel.  Lucy's Cave has now over 5500' of surveyed passage.  

  Surveys were completed for several of the most popular cave sites on Sweetings Cay Island, including Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini (north), and Asgard.  

  Map updates include all the caves mentioned above, and are now posted!  

  A couple of new sites have been discovered that have cave diving potential.  Stay tuned for developments!


The tight entrance to Zodiac Creek 



Empty line reels.  A great conclusion to another great trip!