Team Karst


As last year, the "Twin Gables" was used as a base by the Team for the July 2004 expedition.


2004 Highlights:

  Several new branches were discovered in the Lucy "Bonanza Passage".  The latest map is posted and shows the latest surveys.  Several other leads have not been surveyed.    

  Davins Cave was surveyed, and minor survey additions were done in Asgard and Virgo.  Surveys were started for Snapper Hole and Aquarius.  

  Big Cross Cay access was gained, and the interior blue hole was located.  This hole is infilled by silt at the entrance, and no diving prospects exist here.  

 Initial dives were done in the triple Scorpio Cave complex, at the headwaters of Zodiac Creek.  One cave, one cavern, and one bolder choke were dove.  

 On-site nitrox continuous blending was done for the first time by Team Karst.  Approx. 300 cf of oxygen was pumped during the 12 day trip. 

 Bonefish Cay Blue Hole access was not possible from the North, and a later attempt from a different direction is planned.