Team Karst


It ultimately takes a boat to arrive at Sweetings Cay.  There is neither an airport, road, or deep water port at the Cay.  To actually enter the Sweetings Cay channel, a draft of 3 foot may be accommodated within 1 hour of local high tide.  At low tide, the entrance may only carry 6 inches.  

Team Karst relies heavily on small boats to carry the heavy gear over from Florida.  Islander, Z-diver, and Gabby 2 are used for the transit.  In addition, a number of 10' inflatable boats are used to ferry crew and equipment into the more remote areas in and around the island.  

High wing aircraft rated for window's open flight are used for initial reconnaissance of the area of interest.  Coarse GPS points are taken using a special technique to minimize velocity induced errors.  Later, a ground crew will home-in on the actual cave entrances. 



Islander, owned by David and Nancy



Gabby2 and small boat, owned by John and Evy


Z-Diver, owned by Gary